Referral Programme

One-month free collection service for any successful referrals.

We introduce our Referrals Bonus program, designed to reward you for spreading the word about our exceptional recycling services. Help your friends, family, and colleagues discover the benefits of recycling from home.

For every successful referral you make to Green Truck, you’re rewarded with a month of complimentary collection services. It’s our token of appreciation for your commitment to environmental sustainability and for encouraging others to join the Green Truck community. Your referrals will foster a greener, cleaner future by endorsing sustainable recycling practices.

Don’t hesitate! Begin promoting the benefits of Green Truck’s recycling services to your connections today. Each successful referral contributes to the growth of our mission to minimize waste and preserve the environment. In addition, you’ll relish a full month of service, entirely free of charge. Together, let’s make a meaningful difference for our planet, one referral at a time.