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Green Truck offers convenient and sustainable recycling solutions to residential communities and businesses in Dubai. Your only door-to-door weekly scheduled collection of dry-recyclables services. Dry-recyclables include paper, plastics, glass, aluminium and  metals.

As a trailblazer in the recycling industry, Green Truck is the ultimate eco-friendly solution for all your recycling needs. Our recycling service offers weekly doorstep collections for both residential and commercial clients in Dubai. As a proud business division of Enviroserve Services LLC, Green Truck provides convenient and affordable recycling services in UAE. Make a small step for a big impact by joining our movement towards a greener future.


Our Clients

How It Works


Opt for our recycling service for scheduled weekly pick-ups.


We collect all types of dry-recyclable items from your location.


Proper sorting of waste is ensured through efficient segregation.


Our facility processes segregated waste into reusable materials, promoting circularity and sustainability.

What Are Dry Recyclables

Dry recyclables are a category of waste materials that can be recycled without the need for additional processing or treatment to remove contaminants or moisture. These materials can be processed and reused in various manufacturing processes. Dry recyclables include paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, glass, metal cans, aluminum foil, trays, cartons etc.

Cans & Metals Containers


Plastic Bottles

All Varities of Paper & Cardboard

Electronics Waste




What We Accept

  • All plastic bottles and jugs, regardless of the number stamped in the bottom. If you crush the jug/bottle, you can screw the lid back on for recycling. Labels are ok.
  • Glass jars and bottles (any color). Metal lids are acceptable if detached from the bottle. Labels are ok.
  • Aluminium beverages cans
  • Steel cans – Labels can be left on
  • Cartons (juice boxes, soup/stock boxes, etc) – remove caps and straws
  • Empty aerosol cans – with lids and tips removed
  • Paperboard (cereal boxes, frozen food boxes, 12 pack containers, etc)
  • Cardboard – broken down to 3′-by-3′ sections
  • Plastic bags
  • Aluminum pie plates and food containers
  • Aluminum cat food cans
  • Plastic tubs – butter and yogurt containers, storage containers
  • Any plastic that is not in the shape of a bottle/jug
  • Light bulb
  • Window glass, mirrors, drinking glasses
  • A variety of paper products:
    • Office paper
    • Newspaper
    • Magazine
    • Junk mail and envelopes (with or without windows)
    • Books
    • Paper grocery bags
    • Clean pizza boxes

Please Note:

  • Electronic wastes such as laptop, computers, wires, broken appliances, batteries, toner cartridges etc should be kept separate and must be informed to us if you have it for collection
  • Send collection request to
  • Shredded paper and lose plastic bags should be put separately in a plastic bag before putting them in the bin
  • Kindly crush/fold plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and metal cans before putting them in the bin
  • Do not put the items that are notably smelly in the bin
  • Please rinse bottles, cans and other containers before putting them in the bin


Enviroserve adheres to local and international operational and environmental licenses and standards including

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